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Author: Lizbeth Fabian

Mind KEY / Articles posted by Lizbeth Fabian

Discover the energy of the masculine, the feminine, yin and yang in August’s issue

By Lizbeth Fabian Mind Key welcomes August as the month of Yin and Yang and all things Masculine and Feminine. Masculine and feminine energy infuses and imbibes all we do. Our relationships, our career, and even in the food we eat are influenced by it. Certain languages define words as “masculine” and “feminine.”.  Therefore, these energies run through all aspects of our existence—whether the thing in question is male, female, or neither.   The role masculine and feminine energy plays   Everywhere in the world today, the roles of masculine and feminine dominate relationships, the workplace, home, and even everyday decisions. While these terms are not solely based on gender or sex itself, the Masculine and Feminine is deeply rooted in a person's energy—the way they feel or behave.   The special...

July’s Wrap-up on Manifestation

Hello! Mind Key’s month of Manifestation has come to an end and that means… it’s time for a wrap-up!   This July, our writers at Mind Key have explored a variety topics on Manifesting. Advice was shared on manifesting the things (and even people) you most desire into your life, excellent services were offered, and you might’ve walk away with a new, hopefully positive, mindset!   Vera Remes started us off with a great article that explains the science of manifestation, also known as the Law of Attraction. She takes us deep into how Quantum Therapy best supports our ability to get the things we want.    If you’re not too into the science talk, no worries! We also have an article by Lizbeth Fabian that explains how meditation can positively change your...

Manifest a Happy and Healthier You with Mindset Reprogramming

Are you having trouble staying motivated? Moving past slow and low moments in your life is difficult without the proper mindset. Mentality, or mindset, plays a large part in the development of life, emotions, and actions. With a negative outlook, you may never see the beauty of the life around you. Therefore, a negative mindset won’t take you anywhere except deeper into that dark cave your mentality settled into. Rather than staying there, let’s dig out. There is no better time to reprogram a positive mindset and manifest a healthier you then today!   Why not test it out? There are so many ways to improve your way of thinking and ultimately produce positive outcomes. It all starts with the brain… literally!   Brainwaves: The key to...