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Author: Libby Reilly

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What do you (still) want to be when you grow up? Childhood interests lead to adult purpose

Focusing on your childhood passions could unveil your future career

By Libby Reilly Childhood interests; grown-up focus It might surprise you to note that your childhood interests could be the key to your future purpose. Think about it. Who were you in second grade? Eight-year-old Libby carried a Lion King backpack, learned how to do a french braid all by herself, and discovered that “stage fright” was not in her vocabulary as she shimmied and pirouetted across stages for dance recitals and local plays. At eight years old, Libby also loved making up songs, rhyming words, and she soared through vocabulary tests like a champ. How do these childhood interests and loves help your find your purpose and focus, though? This article from Business Insider says that if you are wondering what you should be doing with your life...

Getting a handle on your ego

By Libby Reilly During the month of March, we spent time exploring ego, learning to better understand and accommodate our egos. This exploration into the ego has allowed us to better analyze our relationship with others, our relationship with ourselves, and the important— and sometimes ornery— role ego plays in our lives. Do you have a handle on your ego or is it running your life? Learn more about the ego, how it works in our lives, and how we can use it to our benefit, rather than our detriment, in our feature story entitled Who are you? A look at Ego and Personality Development. Check out our other great ego-driven stories this month, as well.   God Job In this article, Vera Remes talks about our “God...