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Opportunities for artists

Mind Key is an online resource and platform for people looking to utilize their talents and passions to do what they love for a living. Our online magazine, The Daily Key, offers artists opportunities for exposure by sharing exceptional artwork and photography to accompany our all-original content posts.

What is the Mind Key Project?

As a resource for the general public, The Mind Key Project (which includes our website, directory, calendar, and online magazine) is pending non-profit status. We do not charge to promote your work or your business, nor do we pay for use of your art. However, we do work with our artists and writers to promote their art across our global platform, and find them paying work through Mind Key Business clientele.

We are also hoping to soon launch Mind Key Stock Photo–an online gallery that will offer our artists’ work for sale as stock photos or prints. This service will be unique in that we specialize in art with vision, rather than typical stock photography, and hope to attract those looking for original pieces that speak to passion, talent, and Mind Key’s mission.

Rest assured, that we will never share your work outside of The Mind Key Project’s online platform, or sell it without your permission. The rights to your work remain yours. If you choose to collaborate with us, we only ask you permission to allow us to use it for the above-stated purposes.

How does it work?

If you are interested in having us promote your work, we will ask you to upload low-res (internet size) files you might want us to use to a shared folder we will create for you in Google Drive. Unpublished images in this folder will only be shared with our editorial team. We will also share with you some ideas for the type of images we are looking for, themes for our upcoming issues, and assignments for upcoming stories. This way, as you come across images that fit those themes (or if you are inspired to create some), you can upload them as well. It’s that simple!  From here, our editorial team will periodically review your images as we search for photos to accompany our content, and let you know if we choose one to use.

We will also send an agreement for the use of your art that notes that you are the sole owner of the work, allowing us permission to publish with credit to you. We encourage you to watermark or sign your art/photos, but even if you don’t, we will always credit you work and link any image we publish to your online presence.

Yes!  How do I start?

It’s simple!  Just fill out our ONLINE APPLICATION (it only takes a few minutes), and we’ll get you started with a folder so you can begin uploading your images right away.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  We appreciate your passion and your interest in our work, and look forward to seeing your artwork in our publication.