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April: A month of energy and a time to refocus

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Hone your focus; April astrological focus
Our April astrological focus is on energy and excitement. Hone your focus.

April: A month of energy and a time to refocus

By Seshat Clairvoyant

Our April astrological focus finds us highly energized. With the arrival of April, there is also a shock and energy that none of us know where to focus. Our attention last month was captured by so many different things happening that we’re wondering what to do next. Should we run and never stop? Should we disappear altogether? Perhaps we should just remain quiet and let this month happen without saying anything? Yet, the truth of the matter is, we have to deal with whatever shock was delivered to us in March. We can’t run and hide. We can’t disappear, and of course, we cannot remain silent. Remember we are still in retrograde energy this month. Two more planets will be retrograding this month also. Pluto and Saturn join Mercury and Jupiter in retrograde, forcing us to focus even more on things we don’t want to focus on.


April astrological focus: Planets force our hand

Jupiter is forcing us to deal with things deep in our subconscious and soul evolution. Deep reflection is happening, deep healing, and very deep soul searching is Jupiter’s primary lesson. Mercury is forcing us to focus on our words, how we deliver our words, and how to take more calculated action. Pluto is making us focus on our deepest desires when it comes to career, home and love. Will we make a career change? Will we move? Do we want stability and marriage or do we want to be free? Meanwhile, Saturn is forcing us to deal and focus on our karma, our responsibilities, our career, our home and our love life. These retrogrades are no joke, and we only get relief from Mercury when it stations direct on April 15-16. Do expect one last hurrah from Mercury on the 15th while its trajectory is shifting to direct. This is also the date of April’s new moon.


New moon—April 15

On April 15, we have our new moon in Aries. This new moon is all about action. Taking initiative on anything we have been prolonging. Consequently, the time for stalling has stopped, and one way or another, we will be pushed, forced, poked, to take action. And action we will take. Hopefully, it’s not something we were not expecting but something we knew we had to do but had been pushing off. Now is time to focus and act. No thinking. Just do.


Full moon—April 29; Love knows no bounds

At the ending of month, we will have our full moon in Scorpio. On April 29, the moon will be urging us to focus on our deepest feelings, secrets, wants, wounds — what our soul has been begging of us. This moon will be a very emotional one with so much coming to the surface that we will be left overwhelmed.

Love is the April astrological focus here, and love is what will win. Pouring of hearts comes with this moon. A long lost love will come back. Trust your intuition. Focus your intent. You will manifest rapidly with this full moon. Not all moons are about releasing things. Some are about creating new, deep and profound change. A transformation will occur. It is something we all have been feeling but not focusing on because of the fear of what will happen. Now, it is happening. Enjoy the moment, the energy and this moon. Light red and black candles and focus on what you desire. Then wait for the green light to take that action toward your desires.



Seshat Clairvoyant

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