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about “The Golden Skillet” by Tara Ann Lesko

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about “The Golden Skillet” by Tara Ann Lesko


The Golden Skillet

by Tara Ann Lesko 

Discover “The Golden Skillet” a memoir about self-discovery and spirituality as told through one woman’s evolving relationship with food.

A few years ago I decided to begin a memoir that would be funny as well as dramatic. I knew I had a story to tell, and once the dissolution of my seven-year marriage began in the Fall of 2012, I knew it would only get better. But I needed an angle that would make people care about my story. I chose one thing that molds and defines all of our experiences, the good and the bad, and that is food.
Collage for chapter entitled “Namaste” by Tara Ann Lesko
The tentative title of my memoir is “The Golden Skillet,” and it will narrate stories of growth and discovery, all encircled by the edible goodness that made those moments. This food-centered memoir focuses on relationships (the successes and the failures), growth, mental health, education, self-awareness, and all of the delicious tastes and smells that surround those moments. Recipes included! 🙂
Each chapter will have a subheading with an approximate time period the experience took place. I don’t live my life chronologically, or methodically for that matter, so the chapters will hop back and forth between childhood memories and more recent events from the past ten to fifteen years. From the narration of my grandmother’s first days of in-home hospice care and her hospital experiences prior to her last weeks at home, I flash back to a battle at six years of age with my mother over eating greasy, overcooked egg noodles. The concentration on foods, the good and the bad, will add more relatable and humorous sensory elements to some otherwise weighty subjects. 
“The Golden Skillet” is a powerful mix of humor and pain that will move anyone who has faced depression, learning disabilities, self-esteem problems, identity issues, toxic relationships, and the loss of loved ones, among other topics. For this ability to share my story, I am eternally grateful and blessed. 
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