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October 2017

Mind KEY / 2017 / October
breaking patterns with Aries energy

Breaking patterns of self-sabotage

By Seshat Ixchel Autumn has arrived! With it comes crisp air, ushering us into Libra season. The time of fairness and love is here. The days get colder and nights shorter while our thoughts are wandering about warmth and partnerships. The month of the bruja (witch) is one of the most revered amongst women and children. Plans of Halloween costumes and parties are underway. Decorations and pumpkin spice is visible anywhere you go. The oranges and reds of the changing leaves ushers in so much beauty it's no wonder so many love fall. Yet, this full moon in the early month of October is bringing so much attention to areas in our lives that must be burned away, breaking patterns and cycles that no longer serve...

October’s issue: Patterns and cycles–from sleep to food, to self-sabotage and more

By Danielle Rose There are patterns and cycles in every life--Whether patterns a person can commit to, or cycles we feel the need to break away from. What do you think of when you think of the word patterns?  Is the connotation different from those around the word cycle?  Are patterns and cycles good, bad or neutral? How do we fall into patterns, and how can cycles offer us an opportunity to begin again each time? Do patterns and cycles help us grow, or hinder us?  Perhaps a little of both?   This issue our writers did their best to study the depth and breadth of patterns and cycles. Cycles are simply a part of life. There are cycles involved in yoga, spiritual rebirth, or movement in the...