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November 2016

Mind KEY / 2016 / November

November in a Nutshell

By Carlie Currie In honor of Mind Key’s third anthology, Tempest: Life Upturned, the theme of November has focused on riding out the storms of our lives that can brew during this season. Although this time of year is often seen as a preparation for the happiness of holidays, it can often bring about stress and turbulence. However, sometimes a sense of misdirection can lead us to learning more about ourselves and can be an opportunity for growth. The first theme of this month was mental health awareness. In Tamara’s article, “Art Therapy to Treat Mental Illness” art therapy is used as a creative outlet to cope with mental illness and stress. In addition, her article “How Mental Illness Affects Family Dynamics,” discusses the impact of...

Advice on coping with loss

Yesterday, Paola Scaduto shared an intensely personal story of loss.  We wanted to follow that up with some advice we've found on grief counseling websites.  The loss of a loved one, no matter the circumstance, is painful and shouldn't be dealt with alone.   Take care of yourself This Help Guide offers the following advice for taking care of yourself: Look after your physical health. Face your feelings. Keep yourself busy. Do things you love. Stay focused and continue your daily life. Don’t let anyone tell you how to feel, and don’t tell yourself how to feel either. Plan ahead for grief “triggers” such as anniversaries, milestones and holidays. “If you’re sharing a holiday or lifecycle event with other relatives, talk to them ahead of time...


The stressed out teen – tips for destressing your high school student

By Rebecca Pall Chances are, if one were to ask a high schooler how they were feeling, the number one answer would be that dreaded, eight letter word: stressed.  With stress comes anxiety and nervousness as well.  In today’s day and age, school and social issues aren't the only things that can add to the stress load of students.   One of the things that can lead to stress for high school teenagers is, on the non-academic side, social standing.  At the age of 14-19, children feel that they have to be superior by fitting into a crowd.  If they don’t do what a certain group of people are doing, then they could be seen as unfit, or unqualified to be with a certain group of people....