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August 2016

Mind KEY / 2016 / August

Communication: More Than Just You And Me

Since before the time we learn to talk, we are taught that in order for life to flow easy you must talk to people, communicate. All relationships depend on communication. Every relationship is different and requires different means of communication, but communication nonetheless. Good communication is essential for the healthy relationships we crave. Herbalist and author of “The Gift of Healing Herbs,” Robin Rose Bennett agrees. "Communication is the essential key to healthy relationships,” she said. “And healthy relationships are the key to a truly good, joyful life.” Spiritual Healer, Vera Ann Remes says she “depend[s] on spiritual and energetic interactions with [her] clients to tell [her] their needs and how to help them. When [she] scan a client’s body [she] feel the cold spots and vibrations that denote pain or...


Taproot – Preserve Pop Up Shop Sale

Handmade goods radiate a certain unique energy.  Get your hands on one of these great deals associated with the kitchen as Taproot magazine closes their "Preserve" shop, and gears up for their next issue, "Wander." Support home-grown goodness by bringing the energy of the artisan into your home! Please note ** Adorable kitten not included in an order of the heart-shaped nesting boxes!** The Preserve Pop-Up Shop is On Sale! Shop Now! *Spend $100 in pop-up goods, then add a one year subscription (or give a gift subscription!) to your basket & the discount will apply. Sorry, this applies to US subscriptions only! While we are never ones to rush summer along, here at Taproot we are busy finalizing the pages of our next issue, WANDER (coming your way soon)...


You Are A Star In An Otherwise Bleak World

Taraleigh embodies exactly what we believe in here at Mind Key.  She has made music her life, and has made the leap to allowing that life to fully support her in every way. She's done this by allowing her personal energy to work for her, rather than against her.  When we do what we love, and live authentically, we are asking the energy of the universe to bring more of that into our life. As humans, we hide behind masks and allow those masks define us...


The Energy of Peace & Manifestation

Manifestation is the process of manipulating energy in such a way that we first create and surround ourselves in the vibration what we want and then allow the universe to bring the physical manifestation of that vibration to us. That’s why visualization is such a powerful tool.  Visualization allows us to see what we want--the clearer we see it, feel it, sense it, the stronger the vibration we create.  That created vibration then has the ability to draw that which we desire to us in a very real way.   Visualization works best when it’s directed solely at oneself. In other words, a visualization board made to achieve a promotion or new home is inevitably more likely to come to pass than one made for world peace,...


Connecting The Energetic Dots

This month we discussed the energy of the things we do to our body and how it can change us as well as so-called coincidences that led to life-changing events. Energy is everywhere and there seemed to be so much energy of change in August, we wanted to share it all with you.  There were so many events in each of our areas, Rhode Island, NY/NJ Highlands area, Denver Metro area in Colorado and our newest location, Mind Key Florida.  Events, whether they specifically mention energy or not, can connect with energy because, like I said, its everywhere and everything. Creative energy, be it  photo manipulation by Elisabeth Ladwig in The Making of Time Capsule or Marisa Goudy's The Energy between writer and reader talking about the bond between writer and reader....