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December 2014

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The longest day of the year

Merry first day of winter!The crisp air and pale sky struck with crystal sun… the sense of cleanliness and clarity after a snowfall.  The long cold days of winter are hard on me, but I must admit I do love the season.Most of us forget that the reason we celebrate the “holidays” when we do is because they all (all the holidays we celebrate at this time of year) represent the “coming of the light.” We are entering into a period of cold and hibernation, but we are also moving into the brighter half of the year… and that starts today, on the longest day.  It’s all downhill from here, as they say.So although we usually wait until New Year’s Day to make our resolutions, there’s...

Good health is in the Spirit of food

Being so closely connected to nature, faerie and the elementals, and especially now as I apprentice my way to becoming a master herbalist, I am acutely aware of how we work with the spirits of plants and animals on a daily basis.  As we breathe in the plants around us, we also consume them.  How unfair it would be to believe that the spirit of the plant is gone simply because we have plucked it from the ground.  In fact, many herbalists such as Robin Rose Bennett rely on the spirit of the plant to help our bodies heal.  Healing becomes more than just how the plant’s chemistry affects our bodies but how the plant’s spirit works upon us too.The same goes for our food. ...


The Story of Two Souls

...looking for more?  check out Blog Talk Radio's "Among the Realms" tonight from 7-9pmNow more than ever there is an intense interest in soul mates as humanity experiences more and more of these deep and powerful connections.Whether a soul mate or a twin flame, the meeting or connection is happening to serve or fulfill a purpose.  The purpose will be individual to the relationship.  Perhaps the two were brought together to experience something new, resolve past life issues, or to cultivate a specific talent or quality.For this reason we may have many soul mates in a lifetime, dozens, or potentially hundreds over all of our lifetimes.   I believe there is a special spiritual bond between soul mates - usually the feeling that they have...


Who are the faeries?

My last faerie blog did its best to define faeries and what they are.  The term “faerie” is one I use predominately to discuss a number of different beings - from elementals, to characters and archetypes from folklore around the world that fit into the energetic realm so closely intertwined with Earth. Why not use the spelling “fairy” people often ask - and my answer is that the term fairy tends to represent more-or-less a pixie-like character with wings.  Faery, on the other hand, represents a rather large contingent of energetic, earthy beings, many of whom simply wouldn’t be caught dead in a set of wings or pink tutus. Faerie artist and tattooist, Scarlet Sinclair, almost never uses “fairy.”  “Faerie” speaks to her of the Ancient Race,...