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November 2014

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I am grateful

I am grateful in a way words do not describe.  In a deep, quiet way that is frustratingly impossible to describe. Today is a day that was never given much more than a second thought in my youth.  A day no one bothered explaining in much detail.  Or perhaps they tried, falling short of words as I am falling short now.I am grateful because in my adult life I came across veterans who put their lives in danger to protect mine.  I am grateful because the collapse of the World Trade Center shook me to my very core, as if I myself had felt the buildings tumble at my feet.  Because in a way they had, and my life would never again be the same.  I...

What is a faery

Faerie, or faery, is a broad term for the millions of different kind of elemental spirits that live with and among us.  They embody the magic behind the science of things.  They are the reason the flowers bloom, the snow glistens, and the waves crash upon the sand.  Sure, science has these things figured out, but the spirit behind them is purely faerie.  Faeries are not simply pixies with wings.Brian Froud's "Ekstasis"A Singer that represents the vibrationcommon to us allSingers, as portrayed by artist Brian Froud, and described by Jessica MacBeth in “The Faeries Oracle,” represent the purely energetic form of the faerie realm, with practically no physical form. Underneath our skin and our organs we have a similar energetic framework, but since we live...



A gnat meanders strangely lazy, a zigzagged path devoid of structure or line.  A dandelion throws seed to the wind.  A lens, the human eye, scanning history books, film photographs, attics musty with clutter.     Last night the clocks went back and we gained an hour.How ridiculous that sounds.  How could we possibly gain an hour any more than we lost one last spring?  As educated humans we tell ourselves the truth - that nothing was lost or gained, that we simply changed the clocks to better serve our needs.  And this we call “Daylight Savings Time…”  as if we actually saved any time, or daylight for that matter.  "Broken Time" by Danielle RoseHow silly are we to think that we have any control of...

The Faery Hare (or the cinnamon bunny)

2,705!That’s how many words I wrote today.  Terrible, miserable, no-good very bad words, but whatever.  I’m writing and it feels great, even if plenty of other things have fallen by the wayside.The Faery Hare, by Brian FroudI also did a lot of reading, which was kind of encouraging, because I was reading old stuff I had written… stuff I still thought sounded pretty good - and that’s always encouraging.Plus the read was inspiring.  Inspired me to write my own story of “The Faery Hare,” one of the most resonant stories from me from the Frouds’ “Faeries’ Tales.”Anyway, here’s a little snippet of my original story that I wanted to share.  It was from NaNoWriMo 2010.  Maybe later this week I’ll post a snippet from my...