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October 2014

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NaNoWriMo Wha…?

Happy Halloween, Samhain, and All Hollow's Eve!This past month has been incredibly busy busy busy.  A major freelance project finally done, a number of articles for the Suburban Trends, trips into the city to see Brian and Wendy Froud and a visit from a very good friend left little time for myself.  I did get to post some of the wonderful stories from people who visited Belcastel, France to study with Brian and Wendy during the summer of 2012, but did not get to post the blogs on faeries that I had planned for this last week of October when the veils between our worlds are so thin.  Well, maybe next week.During my new moon meditation last week I visioned …. Well, nothing.  This tells...

Belcastel art of Bats Langley

Day 3 of a week of Magical Encounters“It was my first time there and hopefully not my last!” children's book illustrator Bats Langley said of visiting Belcastel, France.  “It was beautiful, magical and enchanting. Words and photos can’t describe the beauty that is Belcastel… Butterflies and bountiful flowers lining the stone streets as you climb up the hill to the castle, simply magical.”As friends of Heidi Leigh and her family, the owners of the chateau at Belcastel, Bats had seen pictures of this magical hamlet and castle before, but discovered that its beauty was beyond pictures.  “I guess the phrase ‘have to see it for yourself’ applies,” he said.Bats was very interested to see how faerie artist Brian Froud planned to tackle the challenge of...


Belcastel art of Scarlet Sinclair

Day 2 of a week of Magical EncountersBelcastel is just magic.  Tattoo artist Scarlet Sinclair discovered this upon first visiting the local market there and driving into the valley of Belcastel.  “This place felt like a wellspring of inspiration in things I had already seen but never quite understood until you get there and see where it actually comes from,” Scarlet said.One of her favorite daily excursions was the zig zagging walk up a cobble paved road to the castle built into the hillside above the village.  Belcastel is one of many points along the Knight’s Templar route, which had long interested and inspired Scarlet.  “It’s beyond words to describe all the things that had always inspired me coming together in one place and being...


The Belcastel art of Grace Ng Dung

A week of Magical EncountersGrace Ng Dung with her sketchbook, Brian Froud looks onAs an artist, Grace Ng Dung’s intention is to take on the role of storyteller.  Faerie artist, Brian Froud was an inspiration not only to her art, but on her path of spirituality and self-discovery.  The thought of meeting and learning with him and Wendy Froud in Belcastel, France, was a dream come true.“It was completely surreal when I got there,” she said.   “I knew it would be magical to some degree, but I had no idea what it would be like.  It was like living in a fantasy, but [unlike most fantasies] nothing shattered.”Her time with the Frouds brought her experiences and beliefs in faerie full circle, opening the door to...


A week of magical encounters

Once upon a time in a magical castle in France, believers from around the world met with renowned artists Brian and Wendy Froud, to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.As is true of many of the world’s modern-life adventures, much of this story took place in the minds and imaginations of these men and women.  This is not to suggest, however, that imagination equates to fiction.  Indeed, the beauty of these stories is that although they may have seemingly come from the mind, their translation onto paper only proves their inherent truth.  In fact, this was exactly why most of these adventurers came to learn under the tutelage of the Frouds, who see and sense the faerie realm so acutely.It began with a vision...

Autumn Lights Festival – for healing and growth

I am excited to be a part of this year's Autumn Light's Festival in West Milford, taking place from 10am to 5 pm on October 11th.  Beginning at the intersection of Union Valley and Macopin Roads, and running along the street for about a mile, this festival has a ton of activities and vendors the whole family will love. Mind Key will be there with card readings, spiritual healings, and art from Grace NgDung and Danielle Rose inspired by faerie and spirit, as well as activities and crafts for the kids.We will not be the only booth for healing there, however.  Please check out the following to learn more about our friends in the realm of health and self-development. on parking and traffic detours: