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August 2014

Mind KEY / 2014 / August

Basking in the afterglow of Summer Fest

This weekend was beautiful!  Jacqui Geary of Trinity Metaphysical did a fantastic job organizing and running Trinity Summer Fest, all while running her own booth and doing readings too (thanks Jacqui!).I showcased my wings and meditation/dream pillows, and taught about the faeries while giving readings.  Couldn’t believe there was a three hour wait for readings with the faeries on Sunday!  Other readers had similar waits that day as well - a fabulous turnout.It was a busy weekend and I feel extremely blessed to have met so many wonderful people interested in hearing the faeries.  Many were also blessed with the fae as guides, and I could see them buzzing about and tittering in my ear.  They were always excited when they had pertinent advice to...

Blind Men Driving?

Blind Men Driving?When two guys, jamming together a couple times a week met a third guy, they decided they might as well start a band.  Perhaps because of their humble beginnings they considered themselves the blind leading the blind, hence the name “Blind Men Driving?”They may be driving blind but that hasn’t stopped them from playing their original tunes across Pennsylvania and New Jersey at benefit shows such as Trinity Summer Fest this weekend.This past April they put together a benefit for the Ecumenical Food Pantry of Pike County and also played at the Willco Fire Bay benefit in June.  September brings an event for diabetes, and of course this weekend’s Trinity Summer Fest is benefiting the Willco Fire Bay renters and the Branchville, NJ fire department.“They're...

The Realm of Faerie by Danielle Rose

I’m so pleased to be a part of Trinity Summer Fest this weekend at the Sussex County Fairgrounds.  Although I will be in the company of many other intuitives, psychics and readers, I know that what I have to offer the metaphysical world is unique unto itself.I’ve been in contact with the realm of faerie for as far back as my memory goes.  The faerie realm is a powerful energetic field that interacts with humanity on a very base level.  Just as angels are an intricate link between spirit and humanity, faeries link nature and and mother earth to those chosen to walk it - us.The list of authors, artists, and healers who helped me recognize this truth are many and varied, but I would...

Healing drum circle by Raven Reiki

Vera Ann Remes and Reiki Ruth Amarante of Raven Reiki will be sharing their light at Trinity Summer Fest this weekend by providing healing sessions, meditations, divination with natural objects, and a drum circle on Saturday evening, August 16th. Reiki Master/Teacher and Drum Circle Facilitator, Vera Remes, has added the nuances of shamanic journeying, music, drumming, crystals and psychic intuition to the Usui Reiki she was taught, creating a modality of healing she has dubbed “Raven Reiki.”Vera taught special needs students for over a decade before practicing law for 31 years.  In her spare time she rode horses for a local sheriff’s department and after retiring she became a registered therapeutic riding instructor.“When I started expanding my horizons to include a pursuit of psychic development, Reiki...

Trinity Summer Fest 2014

This weekend, August 16th & 17th, Trinity Metaphysical Center & Gift Shop of Hamburrg, NJ will be hosting Trinity Summer Fest 2014 at the Sussex County Fairgrounds (37 Plains Road, Augusta, NJ 07822).  With free admission, this indoor/outdoor festival will be held rain or shine in the Richards Building and surrounding fairgrounds.Dubbed North Jersey's Premier Metaphysical and Paranormal Festival, the event will benefit the Willco Fire Bay Renters, who lost their businesses due to an arson fire, and the Branchville, NJ Fire Department.  There will be bands, vendors, and events to nourish mind, body and soul.Discover food, practitioners, paranormal groups, ghost hunting, on-site camping, live bands and entertainment, and more. Practitioners from throughout the country will be providing services including psychic readings, energy healing, reflexology, massage...

The vibrant art of Dana Bree

This weekend at the Trinity Summer Fest (at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta, N), Dana Bree of Stonebear Design will be exhibiting and selling her original artwork as well as archival fine art prints of cards and matted artwork.  Dana draws upon a vast well of personal experience and vision/dreamwork in her art.  Her work is truly visionary and inspirational, and each piece represents a profound moment or vision from her life.All artwork exclusive property of Dana Bree©2014. May not be reproduced, copied or used in any way without the express written permission of Dana Bree."The visions I get from dreaming have always been an important part of my paintings and drawings.Sometimes it is only a small element in the corner of a painting,...

The Dark Summer

Where has summer gone?Although I was prepared to launch into a new stage of Mind Key development during the summer months, June and July have turned into the regeneration period of the Dark Lady.  This card has been coming up in readings lately, and it seems many of us are frustrated with the stagnancy and slow-movement of our life paths.The same goes for me.  Summer has traditionally been a period of soaking in as much sun and salt water as I can (lake water works in a pinch).  Today I spend my days doing craft and story time, pulling dunked children out of the water, and searching the sand for missing beach toys.  It may not seem dark, but as The Dark Lady says, it...