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April 2014

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Core Groups

A term that’s been floating through my mind lately is “core.”Whether an apple core, the body’s core, or the core of the earth, “core” is defined as “the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.”There’s also “corps,” or “a group of persons associated or acting together: the diplomatic corps; the press corps.”Although pronounced the same way, the two terms are rarely connected.  However, they are undoubtedly part of each other.  For example, the etymology of both words seem to indicate that they derived from the Latin word for body, “corpus.”  From there both terms made their way into Old French and Middle English before they arrived at their current definitions.I find this interesting and significant because a core of people can create the backbone...


Where is our power? In the end result, or the journey?

My friend, Tara Lesko, works in a Northern New Jersey school that focuses on alternative learning methods (my own words).  The followings was written in response to goal versus process oriented methods of teaching and learning.On a personal note, I’ve found that being too focused on the end goal has the distasteful result of disappointment when in fact much has been gained.  I think about my career changes, failed businesses, and other endeavors that never came to fruition.  Even my graduate degree is considered a failure by some because I’m not currently using it to make money.  However, if I discount these life events as failures because they did not manifest as expected (which brings me to another topic - whose expectation did they fail...


Why Mind Key?

I began the Mind Key endeavor because on my path of self-discovery I lost my way.  Haven’t we all at some point?  I let bad relationships and bad situations break me down.  I let old programming rule my life when I should have broken the records long ago.  I used to hear the faeries clearly, but once I lost that connection it took time for me to hear them again.  Only once I realized how broken I truly was could healing begin.  I went the regular MD route.  Which is a wonderful and necessary option - except when it doesn’t help.  I began seeing naturopathic doctor, Doni Wilson, and she taught me more than I could hope to understand about my body. I began taking...